Life is too short,
be healthy and enjoy it.

Life is too short,
be healthy and enjoy it.

D2E Gym is a 24-Hour Gym in Ballarat offering a
realistic and honest approach to health and fitness.

No joining fee, No 24h fob fee

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D2E Gym was built by multiple fitness professionals who saw a gap in the industry.

This Gap was a Down to Earth approach to a 24/7 gym with effective facilities, great staff and professional trainers.

Since 2014 the 24/7 gym has helped hundreds of people change their lives and achieve their goals and helped them retain these goals by teaching them how to find a healthy balance.

We use some of the best equipment brands available in Australia, 2 being Hammer Strength and Life Fitness and have the facilities to accommodate both Cross Fitters and Power Lifters

We continue to look at ways we can improve the 24/7 gym and what it offers for both the local community and or those looking for a one-off session by listening to our members feedback, buying new equipment, upgrading facilities and amenities and ensuring that member safety and wellbeing are always taken into consideration.

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Our trainers all boast extensive qualifications and have the experience to help all goal types.

They also practise what they preach and continue to improve their own knowledge through education and partaking in advanced courses. Our Team of Personal Trainers can and will succeed in helping all their clients reach their full potential.

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Our group fitness classes are structured to suit everyone depending on their special needs.

This means there are no 2 classes quite the same so unlike the typical same classes other gyms will run where you know what to expect, our classes keep you and your body guessing. Our classes are also included free with all D2E memberships.

The 24/7 gym also offers an in house accredited Exercise Physiologist who can greatly assist with injury and physical rehabilitation, cardiovascular issues, obesity and a huge list of physical challenges that may require a more delicate approach.

Kids Area

Our free children’s area is set up for those who might have little kiddies that can be brought to the gym. This is available during our staffed hours (please see our Contact page for more information) this is not a crèche but more an area that is visible always by our staff who can ensure that things are running smoothly. We have also purposely built a fully equipped cardio area adjacent to the children’s area so that parents and children alike can be close in the initial stages of getting use to the gym.

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Our memberships are very affordable, and we have memberships to accommodate just about everyone, even having a Junior membership for 12-15 year old’s giving the young ones a chance to learn about gym and what it can do for your and your health from an early age.

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While we understand that D2E is not for everyone, we do believe that we have a 24/7 Gym like no other and that we have created something that ticks all the boxes with motivation and atmosphere being two of our main priorities.

Our growth since 2014 is a testament to our vision and our direction and we are continuing this path to help as many people as possible see the benefits and change that joining a 24/7 gym can do.

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Life is too short, be healthy and enjoy it.